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Monday, April 22, 2013

Silk Road Drugs – Complete step by step guide

 Silk Road Drugs – Complete step by step guide



Here is a complete step by step guide on how to find Silk Road drugs on the anonymous marketplace that is called the Silk Road. I just want to make it clear again that this is only meant for educational purposes, I am only showing you how to get there and to be safe but I don’t recommend you buy or sell anything illegal, including drugs, as you can face criminal prosecution or harm your body. That being said, personally I still think that a lot of people want to check it out and there is nothing wrong with taking a look and there are also people out there who use drugs recreationally and are going to find it anyway so I will just try and show you a safer way to find them.
I have covered the reasoning to why I recommend certain tools and software in my previous articles so I won’t go into them in this post although I will have a link to them if you would like to know more about it. Please note that if looking for drugs then it is best to try to find the Silk Road through your computer, it is not advisable to do so from your tablet or phone as they are a lot less secure. If you would like to see a full list of tools to help you be safer then click here to go to my tools page or use the menu at the top of the screen.
How to get to The Silk Road:
  1. Subscribe to a proxy service such as Proxify by clicking here. This will hide your IP address by giving it another one so you can be anonymous when searching for or downloading anything on the net such as movies or buying drugs that may be illegal or get you into trouble with your work or even the law.
  2. Get a small USB/Flash drive to store your files on. This will ensure nothing is on your computer for people to find and get you in trouble and also prevent hackers stealing your Bitcoins. You can get one at many stores or online at Amazon.
  3. When people Google  “Silkroad download” they are really looking for a browser called Tor. Download Tor here This is the only browser you can use to find the Silkroad anonymous marketplace.
  4. Save the file onto your USB and open/extract the files.
  5. Download a password manager program such as KeyChain or KeePass to securely keep track of your usernames, passwords and addresses as you will always want to make them different every time and completely anonymous so it can’t trace back to you. Store this on your USB drive.
  6. Go to www.findmyip and it will show you your IP address and location. Note it down then close the browser and turn on your proxy service and then open the browser and go to that same website to check your IP again. It should be completely different. This step is useful for many other things you may do on the net other that look for Silk Road Drugs.
  7. Close down all documents and other browsers so if someone is hacking you they cannot see.
  8. For the people a little more paranoid, take a piece of non-transparent tape and cover your webcam lense. This will stop anyone seeing you if you are hacked by anyone including cops and hackers. More and more tech wise people are leaving them covered all of the time now.
  9. Open your file explorer and go to your USB and open the Tor folder and click on “Start Tor browser”. It may take a little while to start up, after a minute or so the Tor browser will open up automatically.
  10. Go to http://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion/  in the Tor browser. This is the Silkroad url. Entering this address into any other browser will not take you to the Silk Road .
  11. Click on “click here to join” and enter in the details. Remember not to make your username or passphrase like anything you previously have so it cannot identify you. E.g. DO NOT PUT YOU EMAIL OR NAME. Record your user details in your Password management software.
  12. Choose a country if you like. It is better not to so you are more anonymous but if you do select a country it helps when filtering results in the Silkroad marketplace.
  13. Congratulations you are now looking in the Silk Road market and you will notice on your left had side there are many categories for all different types of drugs from cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, meth, acid, opiates and the list goes on!!!
  14. If you want to buy anything then read my post below on Bitcoins and how to set it all up as you can only pay this way.

So now you are in the market and you will be able to see a screen like this:

(Click image to enlarge)
You can search with the search box up the top or browse by category. If you look at a product then you will usually see a photo of the product along with a description, shipping details, location (country), seller, and the most important feedback. You can see what people who have purchased the product say about it.
(Click image to enlarge)
If you decide to purchase anything from the Silkroad, including drugs, then I would suggest a couple of things to think of before hand to make it a little more secure.
  1. Don’t buy anything from anyone on the Silkroad that doesn’t have any feedback. This is especially important when wanting to buy any drug as the reviews will most of the time be the best indicator of the quality of the drugs they are selling.
  2. Use an escrow service like bitcrow for your transaction of bitcoins. They will hold the Bitcoins until you receive the goods in the post (everything is posted when buying from the Silkroad) and then you notify them you have received the good and they release the money. If you receive your order and then try to get your money back it will only result in everyone from your area getting black listed so don’t do it, and not to mention the person sending you your goods knows your address.  If the seller doesn’t want to use an escrow service then don’t deal with them.
  3. I would only buy from someone in the same country. If you start to buy things from another country, especially illegal drugs such as Cocain, then there is a far greater chance of it not arriving due to many reasons such as quarantine, if illegal then may be intercepted by police etc. The last thing you want is to get into trouble.
  4.  If you are one of those people that are going to buy drugs on the Silkroad then you should always be safe and test anything you buy with a test kit or something.
Always remember to be safe and secure when on the Silk Road and treat others how you would like to be treated, it will make for a much better marketplace.

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