Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Updated: List of Hidden Marketplaces (Tor & I2P)

Please note: Most of the (Tor) Deepweb Marketplaces turn out to be scam sites eventually – Silk Road1 & BMR – were exceptions, people know that and try to take advantage of that – It became well known that there is a lot of money to be made with scam markets – So use your common sense and consider every market as potential scam site – NEVER store coins on the sites & Do not feel safe with On-Site Escrows or direct deposits!!!
So we have compiled an updated list of all hidden marketplaces (current and under development), if we forgot something – let us know and it will be added at the next update.
if you found some wrong link – please let us know. there are NO PHISHING LINKS in this list – every link was checked, browsed, registered and logged in manually to verify its authenticity, but please double check if your not sure. the links in the comments are NOT verified in any way.

Silk Road 2.0

Silk Road 2 Logo
Silk Road 2.0 Url: silkroad6ownowfk.onion
Forum Url: silkroad5v7dywlc.onion
Sub reddit URL: & (this one is very new and not so active yet)
Note: Good luck.

Agora Market

Agora Marketplace URL: http://agorabasakxmewww.onion/register/Gc2h4eoFAE
(The Agora market URL includes a referral url to enable registration)
Forum: http://i4rx33ibdndtqayh.onion/
Sub Reddit:
Notes: Been recommended in some way by the same guys of BTCfog, looking pretty good, still quite empty. requires a referral link ro register both as buyer and as vendor.

Utopia Market URL
: http://ggvow6fj3sehlm45.onion
Forum: http://ysas7uv4drg7rlwv.onion/
Notes: Most awaited marketplace except for BMR v5, was launched and now open to the public,  The market is based on BMR (Black Market Reloaded) and was developed and maintained with some help and inspiration from backopy (black market reloaded admin). Past BMR vendors are protected, usernames are reserved. Very nice interface and seems to be growing fast.

The Marketplace (i2p)

Themarketplace.i2p Logo
The Marketplace Url: themarketplace.i2p or the less friendly version: http://r35rdglu7cjmsxh5qn3v6o5q7cnejanwg4h2viuvaqavpbf5uqaq.b32.i2p
The Marketplace TOR Gateway URL: p5caydkgrwx5xwrj.onion
Forum Url: themarketplace.i2p/forum/
Sub reddit URL:
Notes: Read a full usage guide here. Themarketplace An i2p based marketplace, we have mentioned it before here, since its on i2p it doesn’t have many vendors now, but seems promising, uses great security features and the admins seems like professionals.

Pandora Market

pandora market
Pandora Market Url: pandorajodqp5zrr.onion
Forum: bl3j73taluhwidx5.onion
Sub reddit:
Notes: One of the new markets, some vendors are already operating there, had some positive reports.


ramp Russian Anonymous Marketplace
Russian Anonymous Marketplace RAMP Url: https://ramp2bombkadwvgz.onion
Forum: https://ramp2bombkadwvgz.onion
Sub reddit: Unknown
Notes: A Thriving Russian marketplace (forum based), i don’t speak Russian but i have heard some reports about this marketplace being legit. don’t take my word, check for yourself.

Three Hares Bazaar

three hares bazaar
Three Hares Bazaar Url: 3haresyyuxpqqqdz.onion ☸ 3harestcq52npujb.onion ☸ 3hareso57eardt3n.onion ☸ 3hb754jmfa53bgow.onion ☸ 3hbc5h7c2frlyjfs.onion (down for security improvements)
Forum: 3haresyyuxpqqqdz.onion/forum
Sub reddit:
Notes: Online Vendor Marketplace, Supports many currencies and languages, has some nice additional features and seems to be well built.

Hydra Marketplace - The next hot marketplace to be !

Notes New marketplace - Offering full multisig transactions,  registration only with referral link, included in marketplace url to enable registration.
Since Silk Road 2.0 is not available because of a DDoS attack, so this willl be the next hot place to be.This market is a absolut hightlight and the most growing market since the last weeks.
You can pay with Litecoin and of course with the good old  Bitcoin.
Have a good shopping time ! See you @ Hydra 
100%Scammer Free Zone because of the latest safety features (Multisig).

Road Silk

roadsilk Logo
RoadSilk url
: http://yjhzeedl5osagmmr.onion
Forum: yjhzeedl5osagmmr.onion/forum.php
Sub Reddit: Unknown
Notes: One of the new markets, small, don’t have any reports at the moment from users.

White Rabbit Marketplace (Tor & I2P)

white rabbit
White rabbit marketplace URL (Tor): rabbittorvr74veg.onion
White rabbit marketplace URL (I2p): wrmarket.i2p
Forum Tor: rabbittorvr74veg.onion
Forum I2p: wrmarket.i2p/forum
Sub Reddit:
Notes: New Market – Support Bitcoins and Litecoins. seems to be offering P2P escrow – and thats a good sign.

Outlaw Market

outlaw Outlaw Market URL: http://drugs26ucskmvcef.onion/
Forum: http://hmxutiksabsj4ozi.onion/
Sub-Reddit: None
Notes: We kinda Missed this one until now, looks kinda nice and This description taken from Loki’s Awesome Post in silk road (http://silkroad5v7dywlc.onion/index.php?topic=7214) : Taking a slightly different approach, this site does not have online accounts (for deposits/withdrawls) meaning you have to load up a local wallet software such as electrum, then when you make an order you will send you coin to the escrow address and proceed from there. Because this is still a “trust” based escrow system the administrators can still steal everyones money while in transit, though with the added benefit of not being able to take money left in wallets of forgetful buyers/sellers. This site also features “auto-PGP”, which relies on their central site key, so the admins or the law enforcement officers who may eventually confiscate their servers will be able to see everyones messages and addresses who didnt manually PGP first. This site also has a policy of not having accounts registered as buyers or vendors (meaning vendors may expose themselves if they use the account for both). The way vendors post listing is to buy listing times, like ad space (site posts cost of listing in euro).

Blue Sky Marketplace

Blue Sky Marketplace URL: http://blueskyplzv4fsti.onion/
Forum: Unknown
Sub Reddit:
Notes: Very new and empty at this point.

Utopia Market


Utopia Market URL: http://ysas7uv4drg7rlwv.onion/ (just the forum at this point, market is being developed)
Forum: Same URL.
Sub-Reddit: None at this point.
Notes: Utopia is a new marketplace and still under development The market will be based on BMR (Black Market Reloaded) and is developed with some help and inspiration from backopy.
Past BMR vendors are protected, usernames are reserved.

Vendors Shops

These are not marketplaces but vendors who opened their own websites, since its harder to find reliable reviews for most of these vendor shops, use your judgment before placing any funds.

Bungee54 Forum

bungee54 logo
Bungee54 URL: bungee54ebdwofha.onion
Forum: Same.
Sub reddit: None.
Note: A well known and reputable vendor, Was on few marketplaces until he decided to open hes own shop.

Modern Culture
Modern Culture URL

modern culture Url: mcmeds6cgboktcd4.onion on tor and modernculture.i2p on the i2p network
Forum Url: Unknown.
Sub reddit URL: No known Sub reddit.
Note: Medical Grade Hydroponic Grown 100% All Natural Cannabis • Domestic & International Sales • Escrow Offered – I have not seen any reliable reports from users so far.


budster marketplace
Budster Url: budsterga5hcdxjn.onion
Forum Url:
Sub reddit URL:
Notes: Vendor who opened their own marketplace, reports seems good so far, running a deep web marketplace on wordpress is pretty brave i think.

Duchy Anonymous Drug Store

Dutchy Anonymous Drug Store URL: czlmwxv4sudftz55.onion
Forum: zkp3givaes3qgiw5.onion
Sub-Reddit: None.
Notes: Was a vendor on Silk Road 1, now uses hes one shop.

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